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A winter portrait

A winter portrait | blue eyes, long hair, gloves, nature, snow
Author: pit

Portrait photo, which is called "A winter portrait" was made by the author: pit

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Photo has a resolution:538×810

  • Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 19:15:05
  • To take such a quality picture you'll need a camera: NIKON d series, Canon eos series, or Sony

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Wendy | 04.19.2018 14:59
Who is that girl?
Gwen sainara | 05.01.2016 01:40
what's her name... she's like a godess
Tsuki | 11.22.2015 16:13
Whats the name of the girl?
mad sad | 04.13.2015 11:06
interesting that
portrait retouch | 04.12.2015 16:44
hey guys take a look of this video all the portrait retouch techniques that you may need for a beauty portrait https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJu9IKHnibk
Sir Bede | 09.17.2010 02:10
novecento | 07.24.2010 23:19
Very nice!
GreyGhost | 03.17.2010 16:15
This is a brilliant capture -- mesmerizing eyes, an innocence and the promise of tomorrow; a gentle soul peering into our eyes and made us wonder; do we deserve to observe, absorb such a beauty?

I plan to make a collection of fantastic portraits (full credit, link, name of an author, of course) at our future section at http://lgmprinting.com/ and I wonder how the Copyright works? Shall I contact each author directly and ask for a permission?

Anyway, that's in the future, but this photo rings a bell. Izvojschiks speed away and carry this mesmerizing angels...