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Choosing the Best Digital SLR (DSLR) Camera For Beginners

Anyone with an interest in photography will eventually decide to step up to a digital SLR (DSLR) camera. It’s possible to take great pictures with a compact camera or smartphone, but a digital SLR can take your photography to the next level. As well as giving you the ability to experiment with different lenses, a DSLR will give you more creative control and enable you to produce better quality pictures.

Choosing the best DSLR for beginners depends on a number of factors. Your budget, the types of pictures you want to take and your level of experience must all be taken into account. DSLR prices vary considerably, and it’s important not to spend more than you really need to. In addition to the camera, you will need a few other accessories when you step into the world of advanced digital photography. A package deal may be a good option, but consider whether you may be paying for equipment which you don’t really need.

Many photographers are loyal to a particular brand, but don’t be concerned about this when choosing your first DSLR. All modern cameras are made to a high standard and will deliver excellent results if used properly. A wide range of lenses is available for all of the main camera brands, so don’t take this factor into consideration. Camera technology advances at a rapid pace, and buying an older model is a good way pick up a DSLR at a bargain price.

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a digital SLR camera is the type of photography you are interested in. If its sports and action, you will need a camera with a fast autofocus system and a quick burst rate. If your passion is landscape and scenery pictures, image quality should be at the top of your list. Street photographers will find features like vari-angle screens useful. It’s also worth considering where you will use the camera, as weatherproofing may be an attractive feature if you plan to shoot outdoors in all weathers.

Buying your first serious camera is an investment, and you should consider the future of your interest in photography before making the purchase. Over time, you will probably want to buy additional lenses, a flashgun and various other items of photographic equipment. Companies like Sigma make accessories for most brands of camera, and this is a cheaper way of adding to your equipment.

Most modern DSLRs offer the facility to shoot video, and this may be another factor to take into account when making your decision. A DSLR could replace both your camera and camcorder. If you have no interest in shooting video it makes more sense to look for camera features such as faster frame rates.

Buying a camera online is a good way to get value for money. It’s worth visiting a store and holding a camera before making the purchase, and it’s important that it feels right in your hands. Test the buttons and dials to make sure they feel solid and will withstand heavy use.

Don’t rush into choosing your first DSLR, and make sure that you the camera will meet your needs as your interest in photography develops.

Written by: Kaizen Marketing