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7 Quick Tips for Creative Photographs of Children

Photographing children can be very rewarding, but it can also be a challenge to get them to follow instructions. Getting great pictures of children is as much about having the right approach and making it fun for them as it is about technical ability. Choosing the right location, setting the scene and getting them to smile and act naturally are some of the successful ingredients of creative photography of children.

The following seven tips will help you to produce some great pictures when working with children.

  1. Choose clothes and costume.
    Choosing the right clothes for children to wear is essential for setting the mood of a picture. Consider whether you want a formal portrait or a more natural style shot. Children are more likely to act naturally when they are comfortable, so letting them wear casual clothes is often the best option. Children also love dressing up in fancy costumes, so let them use their imagination for some original shots.
  2. Go outdoors.
    Going outdoors and letting children run and play allows them to show their natural energy and sense of fun. A photographer needs to work quickly to capture this, and be ready to adapt and take shots quickly. Setting a camera to automatic mode is the best option for this spontaneous style of photography.
  3. Pick a location.
    Beaches, woodland areas, and parks with trees to climb are all great locations for photographing children. Take some shots with wide-angle lenses to capture the scene and surroundings, as well as close-up shots of their smiling faces. Different locations work better as the seasons change. For example, the golden leaves of fall are a beautiful background for photographing children against.
  4. Change your vantage point.
    Getting down to a child’s level is great for powerful portraits. Experiment with different vantage points and angles to create different styles of picture. For example, shooting down from a higher vantage point emphasises how small a child is, and reinforces their sense of innocence. Laying on the ground and shooting up at children’s faces exaggerates their expressions, and creates a unique style of shot.
  5. Make it fun.
    Younger children can become bored when having their photographs taken, so always make it fun for them. They are unlikely to stand still and smile when asked to. Turn a photo shoot into a game, getting children to dance or jump around. The more fun they are having, the better your chance of getting some great shots.
  6. Capture a variety of expressions.
    The best shots of a child aren’t always the ones where they are smiling. Serious, angry and even sulky expressions can be very powerful in pictures. Taking lots of shots gives you the best chance of capturing a range of facial expressions. When you review the pictures after the shoot, you may be surprised and which ones are the most effective.
  7. Get a group together.
    Children often show their true personalities when they are in a group. Family groups and groups of friends will interact and play together, and this is a great way to photograph them. A creative photographer can experiment with posing and composition when working with a group of children. Get them to hold hands and walk around, lay down in a row facing towards you and play games together. You can zoom in for shots of individual faces as well as taking group shots this way.

Written by: Kaizen Marketing